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  OffRoad DE - January 2007

In January edition of OFF ROAD German monthly magazine picture of Desert Racer car was used as main illustration for the reportage from rally El Chott 2006

  Wyprawy 4x4 - January 2007

Polish off-road magazine “Wyprawy 4X4” has published 2 page article about El-Chott rally and Desert Racer performance on this rally. On top of that the magazine has published 2 page interview with Tomasz Lukasik, the driver of Desert Racer Team.

  Wirtualna Polska - styczeń 2007

Wywiad z Tomaszem Łukasikiem na stronach Wirtualnej Polski

  Rheintalishe Volkszeintung - 9 December 2006

Another daily newspaper has published an article about Desert Racer Team, its success on the El-Chott 2006 and future rally plans. There was also presented the topic of a non sport related target of Desert Racer Team. That target is to help creating positive awareness of Poland on swiss market. We are doing this in cooperation with Polish Swiss Chamber of Commerce (Swiss Chamber Poland).

  Der Rheintaler 7 December 2006

Swiss daily news has published an article about our participation in last El-Chott rally. The article was also describing our future plans and cooperation with Polish Swiss Chamber of Commerce (Swiss Chamber Poland). In the same edition a short interview with Tomasz Lukasik was published about how to drive safe, and how to prepare yourself for winter conditions.

  Off-Road PL - December 2006

In the December’s edition of monthly magazine Off-road PL a long article describing achievements of Polish teams on El-Chott 2006 was published.

  Werdenberg & Obertoggenburger 23rd November 2006

Description of Desert Racer participation in El-Chott 2006

  Motor - 20 listopad 2006

Artykuł o rajdzie El Chott 2006 - listopad 2006

Relacja z rajdu El Chott 2006 na stronach portalu

  Volksblatt - 18 listopad 2006

Artykuł opisujący nasze wyniki na rajdzie El-Chott

  Liewo 18 listopad 2006

Artykuł opisujący nasz start i wyniki w rajdzie El-Chott - listopad 2006

Artykuł "Polacy w El-Chott"

  Off-Road PL - listopad 2006

Relacja ze startu Polaków w rajdzie El-Chott 2006 na stronach portalu Off-Road PL - październik 2006

Wzmianka o naszej współpracy na stronie