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Our Targets

Desert-Racer Team was founded by Tomasz Lukasik before Berlin Breslau 2004 rally.

The team is build of experienced in off-road and very motivated people ready for grate challenges.

Great achievement of 4th and 7th places in pro class of the following 21st and 22nd editions of El-Chott 2005 and 2006 desert rallies as well as other results are proving that our team is capable of achieving great results even in the greatest rallies on the World.

In 2006 Desert-Racer Team have started a extremely challenging project "Desert-Racer Team on DAKAR 2009". The project is realized in cooperation with Polish Swiss Chamber of Commerce „Swiss Chamber Poland”.

One of the non sport related targets of the project is to increase awareness of Polish market and business conditions in Switzerland and Swiss in Poland.

Desert-Racer Team is based in both countries and that is giving an unique opportunity to promote each country in the second and to promote our sponsors on both markets.

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