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Participation in desert rallies is a very complicated organizationally and logistically challenge, which is consuming all possible amounts of funds. Most time spent in this sport is spent on searching sponsors and all possible methods of fund raising. Some people say that luck is supporting those ones who are prepared.

It is purely impossible to prepare our team to participate in such challenge with out involvement of many peoples and companies, some with small but important help and some as sponsors. So, in the very place I am thanking all people and companies who have helped us to prepare and start in 22nd rally El-Chott.

I would like to start with special thanks to Robert Sienkiewicz, without his involvement and outstanding dedication the whole event would probably not succeed. I hope that next time nothing will hold him from going with us.

We are thanking Pawel Grot, a “G&G Studio” owner and companies Shell Poland and ZUH Sosnowski which have heavily contributed financially in our success. It can’t be underestimated how important contribution in our success was provided by the following organizations and individuals:

For Krzysztof Franciszewski - owner of company Wyprawa4X4,

For Michal Horodenski – founder of and publishers of Wyprawy4x4 bimonthly magazine,

For company Orbis-Transport,

For PPH PPH Janpol,

For company Bimarco,

For Maciek Chelmicki – owner of company rajdy4x4,

For Thomas Lampert - the owner of the Toyota Schlossgarage Lampert AG company which is a Toyota representative in Lichtenstein for all-year-round care over our car and a lot of service work related to this vehicle,

For Jacek Wicenciak - the owner of Japan Sport Service Company,

For Pawel Janyst - owner of Janysport Company,

For Marcin Piatek and Sylwia Major for permanent update of our website

Especially I would like to thank our service team: Maciek Chelmicki and Pawel Morawczynski for there contribution in the success of the rally and very hard work.

Best Regards,

Tomasz Lukasik