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Desert Racer about Tibet

Feeling of freedom

As a Pole I have a deeply rooted feeling of freedom. As a Pole I am aware that Poland has significantly contributed to the changes in Europe and that most citizens of our continent are currently, happily living in freedom. Unfortunately, the Poles had to fight long for their freedom. In our history there are glorious episodes of such fight, there are also even more beautiful, episodes when in a peaceful way, believing in value of individual, we have significantly supported collapse of communism and freed ourselves from the influence of USSR, triggering the process which in result led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and vital, peaceful changes in Europe. Nowadays the possibility of self-determination of nations and values represented by an individual are of superior importance.

I also hope that a day should come and it should come soon, when all citizens of all European countries will be happily live in freedom and democracy.

Debt to pay

Peaceful changes in Poland that started the fall of communism and in effect led to the fall of the Berlin Wall were possible thanks to enormous determination of the people and thanks to the sociological phenomena, namely „Solidarity”. These changes would have not been possible, or at least they would not have happened so fast and so effectively, if it has not been supported by western countries, NGO’s and individual citizens of western countries. This support was crucial for „Solidarity” and the whole freedom movement in Poland. Information about support have reached Poland and Poles in many different ways, keeping our spirits high and giving hope, as well as motivation for further fight. Now is the time to pay the debt. Nowadays, we as Polish nationals, have a moral and historic obligation to support freedom movements in the whole world and convince others to provide support, even if it is only symbolic. All in all, it is often so that these symbols give strength to act and we, like no other, should understand that.

How does the world look like?

It would be an over optimism to write that I believe that in the nearest future peace and freedom will rule the whole world, although it would be fantastic. However, I cannot watch China, powerful and absolutely un-democratic country is breaking human rights on its entire territory. What is even more annoying is that for few dozen years China is occupying neighboring Tibet, destroying its religion, culture and national identity. Today many countries in a cynical way pretend that problem of Tibet does not exist. For economic reasons problems of Tibet occupation and breaking human rights on the whole territory of China are denied, especially now, when Chinese authorities have brutally suppressed Tibetan monks’ demonstrations. This is unfortunately a standard of our European political correctness, when the politicians are providing us with lip service about human rights, values, freedom etc., while nobody protests in a determined and meaningful way. Our double standards involve everything, even the Olympic movement, what other words can we use to describe, what China is doing (with our consent) to the beautiful Olympic symbols. The Olympic flame, which symbolizes peace, fair competition and freedom, will be carried in an extremely cynical way through occupied and pacified Tibet.

What can we do?

Can I, as an individual, or you, as an individual do anything? Can we have an influence on China or politics led by Europe and the world? Of course, a demonstration of an individual is of little importance but thousands of individuals make a large crowd.

I encourage everyone to support the boycott of Chinese products. The point is not that you should ostentatiously avoid buying anything „made in China” for a week or so and then forget about it but to limit the purchase of such products and replace them with products from other countries, where human rights are observed. Such activity shall be felt in the long perspective, if we are persistent. Changes always have to be made from oneself. We cannot expect that someone will change the world for us. If we want to change China, we have to send them a clear signal. Not one-time, intense and short-lasting demonstration, which will be forgotten tomorrow but constant, important and strong pressure on their economy.

Olympic Games are a symbol of peace. It would be wonderful, if athletes boycotted the Olympic Games in Beijing. China did not use the chance for reforms and opening to the world given them and did not fulfil their obligations in scope of observing human rights. It is hard to expect that athletes will solve the problems of the world instead of us. However, we can give the sponsors of these Olympic Games something to think – that we do not like the fact, that they sponsor such an un-democratic enterprise and by doing so they support Chinese regime. Such symbolic actions do not require sacrifices from us. Not drinking of Coca-Cola and not buying Adidas or Samsung products is not a great hindrance – and if it is a general boycott, it will be a clearly visible signal for these companies and an effective method of exerting pressure.

To all off-roaders

All of us off-roaders, besides not drinking Coca-Cola and not wearing Adidas shoes can, or even should in scope of protest and solidarity with the weaker strongly express their objection towards breaking of human rights and citizen liberties. Our cars will work without any Chinese parts. So if we can afford off-road vehicles, then no-one will understand that we have to buy Chinese accessories or Chinese equipment, because they are a bit cheaper – and in this industry Chinese does not mean better but it simply means much cheaper. The point is not to get rid of what we already have in our garages, we just have to not buy anymore products labelled „made in China” and if we do not have anything like that in our vehicle we can have satisfaction that it is and remains „China Free”.


If anyone has some other ideas, which s/he wants to share and this concerns support for Tibet or methods of expressing objection towards breaking human rights in China please contact me.

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